General Contracting

At Faden Builders, we stay on top coordinating various tasks, self-performing or hiring subcontractors, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Effective communication is crucial for project success. We also handle post-construction tasks, addressing any remaining issues and providing necessary documentation to the partner.


The preconstruction phase is a crucial stage that lays the foundation for a successful and well-executed project. Faden Builders will be with you each step of the way.

We define project goals, analyze the construction site, develop a detailed budget, coordinate with design professionals, obtain permits, and ensure regulatory compliance. We perform risk management, constructability reviews, and value engineering to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. A comprehensive project schedule is developed, and subcontractors are selected through a bidding process. Contracts are negotiated, and effective communication channels are established with the owners. Faden Builders sets the groundwork for a successful construction project by addressing key elements such as design, budgeting, risk mitigation, and owner engagement. We set the stage for a smoother construction process, minimizing potential issues and ensuring that the project is well-planned and aligned with the owner’s goals.


For projects where fast-track construction or a collaborative approach is desirable

From inception to completion, you need a team capable of managing all facets of coordination.  In the traditional design-bid-build approach, the design and construction are handled by separate entities—designers/architects and contractors. In this service that we offer, Faden Builders can be responsible for both the design and construction phases of your project. A single-point of responsibility consolidates project management, allowing for a more streamlined and coordinated process. It allows collaboration where Faden Builders work together from the project’s conceptualization to completion, fostering teamwork and communication and has the potential to be cost effective.

The owner will have a single point of contact to simplify communication and decision making, and have more involvement in the project, providing input and making decisions throughout the design and construction phases.